Interaction Scheme


1 1' bis%285 carboxypentyl%29  4 4' bipyridine  1 1' diium

c = 21.0 µM



Binding Properties

𝜈 Molecule 1 : 1 Host
Ka = 2.00⋅105 M-1
Kd =
logKa = 5.3
T 25.0 °C 298 K
Energy kJ mol-1 kcal mol-1
ΔG = -30.26 -7.23
These are the specifications of the determination of the experimental results.
Detection Method: Direct
Assay Type: Direct Binding Assay
Technique: Absorbance
𝛌abs = 261.0 nm
Detailed information about the solvation.
Solvent System Complex Mixture
Solvents water
Additives sodium chloride 50.0 mM
hydrochloric acid
pH 6.0
Please find here information about the dataset this interaction is part of.

A. E. Kaifer, V. Sindelar, W. Li, S. Silvi, SupraBank 2022, Pronounced pH effects on the kinetics of cucurbit[7]uril-based pseudorotaxane formation and dissociation (dataset).

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A. E. Kaifer, W. Li, S. Silvi, V. Sindelar, Chem. Commun. 2012, 48, 6693.

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Binding Isotherm Simulations

The plot depicts the binding isotherm simulation of a 1:1 interaction of Bis(5-carboxypentyl)-N,N'-bipyridiniium (0.0001 M) and CB7 (0 — 0.0002 M).