Interaction Scheme


Methyl pyridinium paracyclophane iodide

c = 0.2 µM



c = 0.1 µM

Binding Properties

𝜈 Molecule 1 : 1 Host
Ka = 3.89⋅1012 M-1
Kd =
logKa = 12.59
T 25.0 °C 298 K
kin= 12000000.0 ± 6000000.0 M-1s-1
kout= 3.08483290488432e-06 ± 1.6e-06 s-1
Energy kJ mol-1 kcal mol-1
ΔG = -71.86 -17.17
These are the specifications of the determination of the experimental results.
Detection Method: Direct
Assay Type: Direct Binding Assay
Technique: Fluorescence
𝛌ex = 366.0 nm
𝛌em = 533.0 nm
Detailed information about the solvation.
Solvent System Single Solvent
Solvent water
pH 7.0
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Z. Miskolczy, L. Biczok, L. M. Grimm, F. Biedermann, M. Megyesi, S. Sinn, S. Braese, A. Prabodh, SupraBank 2024, Teaching indicators to unravel the kinetic features of host–guest inclusion complexes (dataset).

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A. Prabodh, S. Sinn, L. Grimm, Z. Miskolczy, M. Megyesi, L. Biczók, S. Bräse, F. Biedermann, Chem. Commun. 2020, 56, 12327–12330.

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Binding Isotherm Simulations

The plot depicts the binding isotherm simulation of a 1:1 interaction of MPCP (5.141388174807198e-12 M) and CB8 (0 — 1.0282776349614396e-11 M).